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There are over 450 Electoral and Ratepayers rolls held by the Society covering a date range from 1855 to 2002.

Note: Boundaries for electoral districts and qualifications for ratepayer rolls have changed over the past 165 year.

Electoral rolls, both State and Commonwealth cover districts, divisions and sub divisions for the area now encompassing the Mount Alexander Shire Council region.

Ratepayer rolls, covering all former councils, municipalities, road boards, shires, boroughs, towns and cities prior to all council amalgamations between 1856 and 1996.


Sample of rolls listed below demonstrates the scope of the rolls held.

Victoria: Bendigo Division, Castlemaine District & supplements 1855

Voters Roll United Shire of Mount Alexander Council, Guildford Riding 1875

Commonwealth of Australia, State of Victoria, Division of Corinella, Sub Divisions  – Castlemaine, Campbells Creek, Carlsruhe, Chewton, Drummond, Dry Diggings, Elphinstone, Fryerstown, Glenlyon, Guildford, Harcourt, Hepburn, Langley, Metcalfe, Redesdale, Spring Hill Coliban, Sutton Grange, Taradale, Tarilta, Vaughan, Yandoit, Yapeen 1902

Burgesses Roll for Borough of Castlemaine 1925

Voters in Commonwealth of Australia, State of Victoria, Commonwealth Electoral Division of Bendigo, Sub Division of Castlemaine 1974

Electoral Roll Victoria Electoral Commission, District of Bendigo West 2002