The Engine of our Society is our Volunteer Base.

Volunteers do not only give their time and expertise, they offer fresh perspectives and ideas on how we operate and bring new skills and abilities, energy and enthusiasm and, of course, the physical assistance to sustain the Society into the future.

Our Society has a Volunteer Induction and Support Program to foster and nurture a dynamic, progressive and motivated volunteer culture.

The operation of the Society is all volunteer work.  We acknowledge individuals’ other personal commitments and value the time they are able to contribute.  Without them our Society could not function.

Our Volunteers carry out tasks such as:

  • researching
  • organising speakers
  • planning and running fund raisers
  • preparing and closing up the Former Courthouse for the weekly open time on  Tuesdays
  • writing newsletter articles
  • regular cleaning
  • gardening
  • manage school visits
  • organise publicity (usually through newspapers and TV)
  • keep minutes of the Executive’s meetings
  • receive and respond to correspondence
  • preparing publications, writing, researching, editing
  • prepare Now and Then articles for the newspaper
  • organise publication of the calendar
  • manage publications sales, on-line, at bookshops and at the Old Courthouse
  • manage the archives
  • meet and greet public visitors to  the Former Courthouse
  • keep membership records
  • guide town and sports history walks, bus tours
  • apply for grants
  • manage the Society’s finances
  • arrange paper deliveries for members not on email or wanting a hard-copy
  • manage IT tasks (Windows based) including DB Text database
  • ensure the upkeep of this heritage building
  • food handling
  • rubbish removal
  • Health and Safety procedures
  • managing Covid-19 procedures
  • make sure that the little extra is done


Right now we need volunteers to:

  • index new records
  • lead walking tour guides

Please find Volunteer policy here

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