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CHSI collections comprises an eclectic compilation from a diverse range of sources.

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CHSI Research Files – Family, local histories and primary material collected for exhibitions – 1990 to current.


Private Collections

Addis, Ivan

Bailie, David

Beare, Gwenda

Beard, David and Annette

Blume, Malcolm

Bradfield, Raymond               

Cappy, Felix

Comerford, Tom

Edwards, Mary

Gaulton family

Grant, Don

Goulding, Janice

Growcott, Leslie George

Griffith, Hilary

Harvey, Marion

Healy, Pat

Hockley, Alleyne and Ian

Hodgson, W J A

Hosking, Chris

James, Barbara, Hedley

Lister, Jeanie

Mack, Dick

Marmion, Bob                                    

McDougall, Cora

Metcalfe, Lyle and Janette

Moon, Rachael                                               

Myers, Pauline

Odgers, Rex and Julie

Padreny, Elise

Poidevin, Brian

Priest, Barry                                       

Rilen, Marjorie

Thomas Louis Alfred              

Vellacoat, Helen

Verlin, John Stanley (Jack)                 

Whitlock, Julie

Community Organisations

Apex Club

Barkers Creek Recreation Reserve

Business & Professional Women

Camera Club

Croquet Club

Field Naturalists Photo-point Project

Music and Arts

National Trust



Western Reserve


Commercial Organisations

Bank Depositors -State Savings Bank 1860-1889 and National Bank 1889 – 1916

Castlemaine Store Keepers Licenses 1855

Forest Street Garage Ledger c.1920 (Hill, A )

Property Sales Booklets

Thompsons Foundry Archives 1880 – 1950

Victorian Railway Employees 1923

Wilson, William Wilfred, Solicitor Ledger 1859-1860