18 Photographs

Our photographic collection has been provided from many sources and covers a wide range of events. Images were taken by individuals, amateurs and commercial photographers.  There is an emphasis on local people, buildings and the locality. Our photographs are in the form of negatives, slides and photograph albums with many available digitally.

Identification of subjects and dates has not been possible in all cases.

Photographic Collections

Beare, Gwenda (slides) 1950s – 1980s

Carter, George Levi 1880s – 1900s

Lesser, Max (newspaper photographs) 2000s  –

Lloyd, Brian (heritage buildings) 1970s

O’Toole, Mary and Larry (weddings, families, sports groups, gatherings)  1974 – 1981

Russell, Dennis (weddings and debutante balls) 1980s –

Thompson, Mary 1990s

Wood, Arthur (general & reproductions) 1960s – 1990s


Municipal Councillors



Clubs – Apex, Monday Creative Living

Families – Dann, Cations, Elvish, Kennedy, Metcalfe and Miles